Warm Hello Friends

In my mind, this place exists..and I hope there's one of these places for you in your community!

Playground Friends

This traditionally illustrated artwork, pencil outline and ink washes,
appeared in Trouble for Trudy by Teddy Slater for Scholastic.

The Vanity of Human Wishes

Working on a book about Samuel Johnson, the English writer and lexicographer, and his young biographer, James Boswell.  Not yet colored, or submitted.

Pitter and Patter, Best Friends!

 Pitter and Patter are best friends. They're also raindrops. When I first read this manuscript I fell in love with Pitter and Patter. At the same time I wondered how I would illustrate the book when the main characters are two rain drops who fall from the same cloud, get separated and finally meet again in the ocean. You can find out more about Pitter and Patter at: https://dawnpub.com/our-books/pitter-and-patter/

 Thanks for taking a look. You can see more about Pitter and Patter and other books at my Studio With A View.

Written by Martha Sullivan and Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Dawn Publications

Wonderful Winter Trees

Trees in a winter landscape from
The Wonderful Woods

Themed Art: Tree

Had to share one more because I really do love trees... This is from a wip, Poppy the Book Fairy.

Elizabeth Dulemba

Themed art: Tree

Some trees drawn for a pop-up promotion a while ago to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese sticky tape company Nichiban. These were all pop-up flaps. It was a fun project, and there were fairies!
John Shelley

Warm Christmas Greetings!

A tree for all to celebrate friends!
This was done traditionally
and enhanced digitally.

Daniel in the Tree

© copyright David Opie
 ink, watercolor
Daniel in the Tree
By David Opie

Tree Cards - Elizabeth Dulemba

I love drawing trees...
These are available in My Zazzle Store.

Oak Tree

This is a watercolour of an oak tree on hot-pressed paper completed quite recently for Macmillan Educational.
By Stephen Aitken